3cushion billiard solutions

Three-cushion billiard solutions

There are many ways to score with 3 cushions. However, all three-cushion solutions, except for the bank shot, end up hitting the OB1(first object ball) with a cue ball. Here, depending on how you hit the OB1 with the cue ball, it can be divided below.

  • Hitting with no english (ex. Short angle shot),
  • Hitting the surface of the OB1 in the same direction as the cue ball’s english (Natural: Side angle shot, Long angle shot),
  • Hitting the surface of the OB1 in the opposite direction as the cue ball’s english (Reverse: Bias angle shot, Outside angle shot)

It can be divided in three ways. The method to hit the desired part of the 1 objective ball without giving the cue ball rotation(english) is theoretically very simple because the point aimed by the cue and the target point are the same. However, it is difficult to give the cue ball a rotation(english) and match the desired thickness of the 1 objective sphere. This is because squirts and curves occur. And in this part, as mentioned above, the 3-cushion solutions can be divided into two (Natural english and Reverse english).

No english

It’s easy to hit the desired thickness, No english

Short angle shot is one of the representative 3-cushion solutions hitting with no-english. Of course, Side angle shots or Bias angle shots are sometimes hit with no-english, but because of the nature of the Short angle shot position, it has to be hit vertically, so it has a structure that should not use side spin. If you hit the cue ball without spin(english), it is easy to match the thickness of the OB1 you want to hit because no squirt or curve occurs. Even if you don’t know the theory, you can hit accurate if you practice.

Solutions to consider squirt and curves

The three-cushion solutions described from now on will start with the premise of giving the cue ball has spin(english). The moment the cue ball has spin, it is expected that squirts and curves will occur, but the degree of squirt and curves occurring varies depending on the cue angle, spin amount, speed, and distance. So It is difficult. Therefore, you need to understand the principles and concepts well and start practicing billiards with an efficient example positions to grow quickly.

Natural english solutions and reverse english solutions are described below. The main difference is that the thickness aiming method is completely different to hit the desired thickness of OB1 Because of the squirt and curve phenomenon that occurs when the cue ball has spin, this should be taken into account when aiming the thickness of the object ball.

Natural spin (english)

The person who just begin billiards, the more difficult to hit the cue ball softly. The cue is long but weighs about 520g, while the billiard ball is small, but about 210g. In other words, the weight of the ball is heavier than the weight of the cue. After all, it is natural to hit strong to handle the weight of the ball. However, the more the cue ball has spin and hit by high speed, the larger the amount of squirt occurs. Therefore, in the situation of side angle shot or long angle shot, there are many failure cases where the thickness of the target ball is thick and fails. It’s a very natural failure.

On the contrary, when the cue ball is close to the cushion, the back of the cue naturally rises to create an angle in the cue. In this state, hit the OB1 in the distance to perform Side angle shot or Long angle shot. Sometimes happened when You want to hit it accurate, but it hit too thin or fails because you can’t hit it at all. This is a failure because a curve has occurred, not a squirt, and this is also a natural result.

Reverse english

Bias angle shot and outside angle shot can be thought of as the same solution because they have a common point of hitting the opposite side of the OB1 that gave the cue ball spin. Mistakes made when hitting the thickness are also likely to fail with a thinner hit than intended. And this mistake is a natural result that can happen if you hit the object ball with a reverse english.

Other solutions

Side angle shot doesn’t necessarily mean hitting in natural english, and outside angle shot doesn’t mean hitting in reverse english. In particular, in the various other solutions above, the case of hitting with natural-english and the case of hitting with reverse-english coexist within one solution.

Key point

You need to know the conditions in which squirt and curve occur

As I mentioned before, depending on the angle of the cue, the amount of spin, the cue speed, and the distance to the object ball, squirt may occur or curves may occur, and the degree of occurrence of each is different. However, Such like as I classified as no-english, natural-english, and reverse-english on this page, If you know the fundamental structure of each solution and aim and match the thickness based on the conditions in which squirts and curves occur, you can send the cue ball right direction you want without making a big mistake. and you probably score it.

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