BPS: screen Billiard Practice System

It is a product that projects billiard contents (Positions, Hints, Video explanations) on the billiard table. This will improve your billiards skills. You can try for free at the Bucheon Main Branch in Seoul Korea.

Dr.Billiard (marusoft corp) introduction video (caption Korean, English, Japanese available)
BPS lite setBPS full setetc
BPS managerContents compare table (Dr.Billiard lesson / Dr.Billiard lesson master / BPS manager)
Android PCFHD touch monitor
ProjectorXProjector installation
Price2000,000 KRW (excluding TAX) / 2,000 USD / 2,000 EUR3500,000 KRW (excluding TAX, only domestic Korea) / ※ If you download 7 BPS managers, We will send you 1 BPS (Excluding projector)
Promotion video (BPS manager)
3 ways of combine BPS
(3 ways of combine BPS
  1. BPS manager + Android FHD(16:9) touch screen PC + Projector –> (Best for club)
  2. BPS manager + Android TV box + FHD(16:9) touch screen monitor + Projector
  3. BPS manager + Android tablet PC or Phone + Wireless wifi display receiver (do not recommend Google chromecast) + Projector –> (Not bad for personal use)

If you have any inquiries about the product, please leave a comment below or send it by e-mail, and we will respond kindly. ※ BPS use sample

Europe agency : BC Havířov z.s (Czech Republic)

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