Free Billiard Scoreboard

Three-cushion(3C), 4 ball Scoreboard (free version)
Dr.billiard’s scoreboard setting page

In order to use the Dr.Billiard’s scoreboard (free version), you must first sign up (free) and log in to the Dr.billiard’s website ( After registering as a member according to the instructions, log in and go to the scoreboard page ( 한국어 / English / 日本語 ), and the setting page as shown above is displayed. The free version does not save the player’s game performance data. If you want to save your data, please use the paid version.

Scoreboard user manual

  1. Inning: You can choose from 10 to 50 innings.
  2. Time rule: You can select from 30 to 60 seconds.
  3. Handy (Player A): You can select from 3 to 1000 points.
  4. Handy (Player B): You can select from 3 to 1000 points..
  5. Nickname (Player A): It can be omitted.
  6. Nickname (Player B): It can be omitted.
  7. Let’s Go!: It moves to the scoreboard screen set according to the entered information.
  8. EXIT : Quit the scoreboard and go to the Dr.billiard’s site.
전자점수판 사용설명
Scoreboard page
  • START: The game starts when you touch the START button.
  • If you touch area a, your score will increase by 1 point (even if you touch +, your score will increase by 1)
  • You can subtract 1 point by touching area b.
  • TURN: If you touch the TURN button or touch the score area of the other player, the score area changes.
  • H means High run, A means Average.
  • CANCEL is the button to cancel the action.
  • Tout means Time Out.
  • Break means Break Time.
  • It tells you the remaining score from the last 3 innings.

Please let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page if you feel uncomfortable or have any suggestions for improvement. Your comments will help us make better products.

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