How to install projector for BPS

How to install projector (on the carom 3cushion table)

ⓐ 142cm (minimum)
The projector’s lens must be at least 142 cm away from the table floor. Projector can make large projection to smaller, but can’t make small projection to bigger. so you must find good project location first. and then you can fit the BPS’s contents to the table by using projector’s ‘4(quick) corner adjustment’ function and remote control.

ⓑ about 20cm

BPS 매니저를 이용한 프로젝터 설치 (Projector installation with BPS manager)
프로젝터를 고정하기 전에 먼저 맞는 위치를 찾으세요 (figure out the projector location before you fix it)
Recommended projector samples
  • Viewsonic (v107w) : WXGA(1280*800), short throw, 4 corner adjustment.
  • Epson (eb-535w) : WXGA(1280*800), short throw, quick corner adjustment. big and little bit noizy.
  • Optoma (w316st): WXGA(1280*800), short throw, no corner adjustment.

These products have been tested for over a year. Even if it is not the above products, it can be used if it has the above functions. Corner adjustment function makes it convenient to install the projector , but it is not essential.

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